FINGERSTYLE by Tanausú Luis. (Grade Sup. Salamanca Conservatory, Master’s degree Mozarteum University, Master ed musical and creator of the educational platform Fingerschool)


Do you feel like experimenting a bit with your guitar?
Do you feel like experimenting a bit with your guitar?
We will start from a classical technical base. It is essential to go with guitar. It is also advisable to have a chromatic tuner because we will use alternative tunings or escordatura on several occasions. The following topics will be addressed through group practical exercises.
– Fingerstyle: We will learn contemporary acoustic guitar techniques and apply them to the classical: ● Tapping left hand and percussion with right hand ● Plaque and box chords (approximation to the Boom Chick) ● Harmonics with slap ● Slap and muted notes ● Your set guitar drums ● Advanced percussive rhythms ● Thumbpick technique to make arpeggios and improvise with pentatonics.
– Groove session: In groove session our goal is to quickly learn new rhythmic patterns that help you enrich your accompaniments and we will do it through exercises that you can incorporate into your own compositions. Some exercises have been named by onomatopoeia to help you in your execution: ● Flamenc hop ● Tetuen pate ● I have a pate ● Spanish sequence.

If you want to spend some time discovering new approaches to your instrument in a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere, we are waiting for you!

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Place: Espai Blanc – Cervantes Theater