Seminar: GUITAR TANGO. Mirta Álvarez
Prof. Superior. of Guitar, Instrumentalist in Popular Music with specialization in Guitar Tango and Guitar Folklore.

THURSDAY 18 at 17:00 h – REGISTRATION: ASISTENCIA: 25 € – Collective classes with Instrument.

Introduction: A framework will be provided to inhabit the stylistic interpretation of the Tango and to achieve, from its specificity, a musical path that represents a unique and unique cultural stamp.

I – Approach to the sonority of the tango solo guitar, of the chamber, and as accompaniment of the voice, the guitars of Gardel, Nelly Omar, Rivero, Roberto Grela, Ubaldo de Lio, Aníbal Arias, etc., based on auditions, and music maps, live musical exemplification, etc.
II- Sample and appreciation of rhythmic models, on instrumental accompaniment, for a sung tango, and an instrumental tango. Melodic Phrase. Practices with the participants.
III – The arrangement, from its melody and cipher towards the achievement of a solo guitar arrangement. Exposition.
IV – Active participation of the students on the tango in solo form and in ensemble.

Place: Espai Blanc – Cervantes Theater