New routes for improvisation in the ELECTRIC GUITAR by Pablo Salinas, Composer, musician and producer since 1980. Creator and director of Sinfonity Electric Guitar Orchestra.


Since 1932, the electric guitar has been incorporated into the instrumental collection of the compositions of the past and present century. In keeping with its relative youth, this instrument has been linked to jazz, and particularly to rock. However, this instrument is capable of transgressing stylistic norms and also entering the world of classical and contemporary music.

The purpose of the conference is to focus attendees towards the discovery and integration of new techniques and methods of improvisation in the solo guitar.

Interesting scales, vibrato forms, legato, tapping, improvisation strategies. Improvisation with chords. Attendees will be invited to play to determine those qualities that can be encouraged in each case, as well as discover potential weaknesses that can be corrected or improved. If you have the purpose of raising the quality of your speech, in this conference / clinic you will find many resources and help. Think what is said, to say what you think. Whether with your electric, acoustic or classical guitar, you will learn new techniques and methods of improvisation.

Place: Espai Blanc – Teatro Cervantes